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    Home of the Most Beautiful Animals in the World

           Located in  Portland, Connecticut


  ....These beautiful Animals add Peace and Harmony to our Culture. Come Visit and Maybe Even Pet One....



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Welcome to our farm:

Our “girls” Angie, Dolly, Dora, Eva, and Daphne range in age from about two years old to almost thirteen years old.   Their fleeces are a variety of colors.  Our youngest girl Angie is light fawn beige and her fleece is quite crimpy. Her mother Dora has a medium auburn brown coat. She has a pretty face with large brown eyes. Dolly has a soft to touch white coat.  Eva is silver gray like her mother and sports a furry “top hat” of white and black.  Dolly’s mother Daphne is light brown with a beige underbelly.  All the “girls” except for Dora came from a Connecticut farm in June of 2003.  Dora came from New Jersey as a holiday gift at the beginning of 2007.  

In March of 2006 we welcomed three-year old Onyx and seven-year old Renegade to the herd.  Both are gelded males and came from Hampton, Connecticut.  Onyx is reddish black and is very food focused. Renegade is true black and is our “gentle giant”.  Simon our intact male is three years old and is mostly dark brown with calico colored leggings.  He’s our biggest boy.  And our newest addition Vetran was born May 2008 and has his mother Dora’s medium auburn brown coat. 


Dolly is most curious and usually first to greet visitors.  Dolly likes to get up close to visitors and sniff faces. She also likes to “herd” people by walking in front of them.  Eva is usually next to approach newcomers and will keep a sharp eye out for anyone with a handful of grain. Daphne is the "alpha" of the herd and keeps all the alpacas in line. She has been a very protective mother to Dolly over the years. Dora has a very sweet disposition and tends to be on the quieter side. Angie enjoys sticking her nose into the water bucket and is quite loveable.  Our youngest boy Vetran is very frisky and always looking for a playmate. Renegade usually keeps his distance from visitors but keeps a sharp eye out for predators. Onyx and Simon are pasture buddies and usually get along.


The alpacas have interesting eating behaviors. Daphne appears to drills holes into a bale of hay.  Eva will step up onto the hay bin to get a better portion of hay. Dolly usually eats next to her mother who will often relinquish her place to allow Dolly more food. Dora and Angie and Vetran usually lay down in front of the hay bin. Vetran was weaned from his mother at about six months old.  Onyx is a fast eater and oftentimes gets into conflicts with Simon over food.  Sometimes it’s like a feeding frenzy. The alpacas do eat from each other’s grain dish once they are finished with their own portion. 


The alpacas are very verbal.  They will hum softly and stay close together as they graze for food and explore their surroundings. When becoming uncomfortable or stressed, the alpacas will begin to hum louder. Eva will twist her neck around when signaling her displeasure and neck wrestle. Vetran hums a lot to gain his mother’s attention. Renegade elicits a high-pitched shrieking sound as a warning signal whenever he senses danger.  Daphne most often spits to show her displeasure with the other alpacas.  These animals are very interesting to get to know and enjoy.  Hope you have a nice visit!



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